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A raíz de un mensaje de Spanish revolution se trata hoy el tema de como tratar con los "triggerers" de derecha y más allá. Esta nueva estrategia de polemizar y trolear al personal. No piquéis.

Great podcast today from Mozilla, TL;DR about how hard is this days with so much noise specially in our phones, but in the internet in general to read a book.

Attention deficit is now a global disease.

German Green party leader quits Facebook and Twitter, after doxxing and hate.

Interesting, will he consider the fediverse? In any case, I think is something different and possitive.

As the Android operating systems gets more and more propietary and spies more and more, it's time to start playing around with opensource alternatives. It'll take time or maybe won't be possible, and thus I'll have to continue with Android +noGapps +DNShacks (to avoid tracking).

And some others...

Here is the study, and yes, data is even shared if you don't have a facebook profile. Will have to add to adaway list.

This new year you may consider escaping the Facebook conglomerate which includes Instagram and WhatsApp.

And if you manage without WhatsApp you can be a proper civilization outcast. 😂

Come on and join! 😋

BBC Documentaries podcast this one about India and porn. The part of rape videos spreading and WhatsApp, heartbreaking.

Beyond the tech, the encryption, the source code, how do we deal with the shitposting or the blatant lies on memes? Crap is often found on groups on some networks. What to do?

This morning I found a site with 231 trackers. Feel like I should sadly shout BINGO or something.

I think that we can say that WhatsApp groups are a magnet for shitposting. We can categorize those memes as that.

So far happy without WhatsApp, but you'll still need a plan B just in case, as it is ubiquitous.

Even that of course people need cars, within big cities more and more they have an antisocial effect. I wish there would be some kind congestion charge in Dublin.

Well, lately I'm starting to disable WiFi, but I guess, that Bluetooth should only be on when needed. Specially should be disabled outside home/work

Facebook suggested that I friend a person that I had met in a parking lot -

Vivimos tiempos locos donde fascistas con símbolos fascistas llaman fascistas a quienes les combaten.

La democracia parece estar en crisis en varias partes del mundo.

Y sin importar la corriente ideológica, los síntomas se repiten 😓

About the man arrested regarding the bombs sent to politicians and some other people.

It comments by itself:

People should have the choice of blocking messages that have been resent more than x times, lets say 2. To avoid all the crap is going on some networks, specially WhatsApp (if you still keep it)

Hate speech...

The Irish Times: ‘Potential explosive devices’ sent to Obama and Clinton - ‘Potential explosive devices’ sent to Obama and Clinton

Denmark is the first country to require businesses to encrypt emails containing sensitive personal information end-to-end, starting January 1, 2019. 👏👏👏

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