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La democracia parece estar en crisis en varias partes del mundo.

Y sin importar la corriente ideológica, los síntomas se repiten 😓

About the man arrested regarding the bombs sent to politicians and some other people.

It comments by itself:

People should have the choice of blocking messages that have been resent more than x times, lets say 2. To avoid all the crap is going on some networks, specially WhatsApp (if you still keep it)

Hate speech...

The Irish Times: ‘Potential explosive devices’ sent to Obama and Clinton - ‘Potential explosive devices’ sent to Obama and Clinton

Denmark is the first country to require businesses to encrypt emails containing sensitive personal information end-to-end, starting January 1, 2019. 👏👏👏


Ya nos habían advertido de esto:

"Estamos construyendo una distopia para que la gente le de click a los anuncios."

Youtube favorece el extremismo porque es lo que más clicks genera; es decir, la IA de youtube aprendió a utilizar la curiosidad morbosa de los humanos y explotarla a su favor. Es como si skynet hubiera aprendido psicología de masas.


My work email is on the Apollo breach. Funny thing is that I was not aware of this site or why they had my data...

Facebook is terrible, but YouTube is an even greater peril and harder to wrap one's head around.

Kids (like, elementary school kids) *use* YouTube. Facebook destroys brains of the olds, YouTube the youngs. YouTube's impacts will be more longstanding.

Unbelievable... what next?

The Irish Times: ‘Like Pulp Fiction.’ Officials say Saudi journalist was killed and dismembered - ‘Like Pulp Fiction.’

La estrategia de las fake news en 🇧🇷 Bolsonaro triunfa en parte gracias a una potente campaña de bulos en WhatsApp. Verdaderamente un triunfo de la pereza intelectual. Signos muy preocupantes para el futuro.

Mastodon, el Twitter libre, tiene ya un millon y medio de usuarios

Primer articulo q escribo en El Salto y estoy gratamente sorprendida por su rigor y profesionalidad. No me han dejado tranquila hasta que ha quedado perfecto 👌

Any hope of getting something like #NetBSD/#FreeBSD's blacklistd on #OpenBSD?

Lets a daemon like sshd or httpd feed IPs of bad auth attempts to a PF anchor.

Much nicer than fail2ban/sshguard.

You can block shadow profiling with a combination of something like ublock origin with the right lists and cookie autodelete...

But it is much harder to avoid that someone that has your number, places it his contacts lists and then gets uploaded. At least without goverment intervention... you can do it with burner phone numbers too... but still a bit hard.

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