@johnribbon I don't think that you can find a lot of better cases for congestion charge or traffic restrictions in the city center, plus all the cycle lanes and better bus lanes that are so needed... but even that is not ambitious enough...

Google’s also peddling a data collector through Apple’s back door


Almost as if… they’re both surveillance capitalists acting exactly as you would expect surveillance capitalists to act.

Via @laura

Meanwhile the "opensource" situation is even worse, with Google and Facebook sometimes abusing the privacy of it's users. Is going to be a long travel through the desert

Apple blocks Facebook from running its internal iOS apps - The Verge - theverge.com/2019/1/30/1820355

@how @deutrino by installing something like lineageos with just the unified location provider. For signal you have to use the non Google apps version that you can download from their website, the apk version.

Many android apps wont work without google apps. And chrome... why?

More about this...

The Irish Times: Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram messengers to be integrated - Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram messengers to be integrated (via @IrishTimes) irishtimes.com/business/techno

Soon I will have more friends on other chat apps, and won't be that antisocial not to have WhatsApp... ads, merging with messenger, sharing data, full of fake news and shitposting... something else?

Put now the imperial march from Star Wars while you read... is not April's fools yet!

Facebook wants to merge Messenger with WhatsApp and Instagram - thejournal.ie/facebook-whatsap

@merce me recuerda a lo firefox que te espiaba con la telemetría. En fin, mucho ojo con los desconocidos que han descubierto "la última traición de las empresas que protegen tu privacidad". Desde que no tienen ni idea, hasta que puede tener un trastorno de paranoia o intenciones oscuras. El fingerprinting por la resolución del navegador es un caso muy límite.

Sigue diciendo en el post que también le espiaban en el foro de whonix. En fin...

@merce la verdad y siendo usuario de searx. El post destila paranoia. Y un empleado de duckduckgo lo desmiente. Algunos en el mundo de la privacidad entran en esta fase. Creo que ejem... es peor para tu privacidad comprar online, usar un smartphone o tener alguna red social privativa que el hecho de usar un buscador que basa su negocio en la privacidad.

@JuanBellas sobretodo por que la app de Facebook vincula también las direcciones MAC a tu perfil (al menos este parece ser el caso en USA) para hacerte más seguimiento. Es de las apps más hostiles hacia la privacidad. La gente que siga queriendo usar Facebook sin tanta invasión debería usar estas que son wrappers al API que tienes en F-droid.

Pero todavía mejor no tener facebook.

@JuanBellas bueno, esos firmwares del los fabricantes son crapware. Android cada vez peor.

#LineageOS is an alternative form of the Android operating system, which works like a normal Android but has the Google-based apps removed.

It can be installed on Android smartphones to replace the Google version of Android.

It's *very* complicated to install, but if you're a tech expert, or you know an expert who can help you, you can download it from the official website:


The download links include installation instructions.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Android #DeleteGoogle

A raíz de un mensaje de Spanish revolution se trata hoy el tema de como tratar con los "triggerers" de derecha y más allá. Esta nueva estrategia de polemizar y trolear al personal. No piquéis.


Great podcast today from Mozilla, TL;DR about how hard is this days with so much noise specially in our phones, but in the internet in general to read a book.

Attention deficit is now a global disease.


German Green party leader quits Facebook and Twitter, after doxxing and hate.

Interesting, will he consider the fediverse? In any case, I think is something different and possitive.


As the Android operating systems gets more and more propietary and spies more and more, it's time to start playing around with opensource alternatives. It'll take time or maybe won't be possible, and thus I'll have to continue with Android +noGapps +DNShacks (to avoid tracking).


And some others...

Here is the study, and yes, data is even shared if you don't have a facebook profile. Will have to add to adaway list.


This new year you may consider escaping the Facebook conglomerate which includes Instagram and WhatsApp.

And if you manage without WhatsApp you can be a proper civilization outcast. 😂

Come on and join! 😋

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