Is Boot2Gecko really dead and only living on propietary KaiOS? Would be really great to have FirefoxOS around...

@oriol I had a FirefoxOS phone, was pretty good, I'm a bit sad still that it was abandoned before it had any real chance to grow

@oriol It is truly dead. Mozilla removed all the boot2gecko code from the Firefox repository.

You can read more in this post from a Mozillian who worked in the project:

He also wrote a really long post about the history of Firefox OS:

@benages @Shrigglepuss it is a real pitty, seems that they got the ideas right, and looking now that KaiOS is really taking off, which is propietary... feels wrong.

How long are we going to stand spying and propietary OSes. Maybe with KaiOS buzz it will revive somehow.

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