Brexit blues 

July 2019 hottest month on record since they started recording.

Seems that FSB is working on unmasking TOR and some osint tools. For sure the latter will soon be available for corporations.

So I use some "personal solution" VPN to browse. Happens to me since a couple of months. It's a bit annoying that when I open Google Maps, or Youtube appeared the one from UAE in Arabic. Now it's the one from Hungary.

Guess that they are having fun as they are not collecting much data. Time to move on.


It's time to cut on plastics use, so then we'll not have this problems. I would like to see more countries refusing the problem of others.

Positive changes on the Irish elections, lets see how it goes.

Vaya novedad, corrupción en el fútbol...

Very nasty bug in WhatsApp. Wonder if the bug was on the wild, so that's how Facebook team detected it.

According to UN, we are destroying our habitat. But business as usual continues. It's everyone's fault really. We can't look aside.

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