Very nasty bug in WhatsApp. Wonder if the bug was on the wild, so that's how Facebook team detected it.

According to UN, we are destroying our habitat. But business as usual continues. It's everyone's fault really. We can't look aside.

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Ufff, looking at this, can't imagine if they remove the DART.... so sad that we see the same ideas today...

And yet it seems that in ireland only diary and beef are prioritized, so that we overflow the market in detriment of farmers too. Why not more of our vegs can be produced locally?

The Irish Times: Green isle: Ireland ranks high in EU table of fruit and veg consumers - Green isle: Ireland ranks high in EU table of fruit and veg consumers (via @IrishTimes)

What to make of 4chan and 8chan? It's disturbing.

Is Boot2Gecko really dead and only living on propietary KaiOS? Would be really great to have FirefoxOS around...

Google’s also peddling a data collector through Apple’s back door

Almost as if… they’re both surveillance capitalists acting exactly as you would expect surveillance capitalists to act.

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Meanwhile the "opensource" situation is even worse, with Google and Facebook sometimes abusing the privacy of it's users. Is going to be a long travel through the desert

Apple blocks Facebook from running its internal iOS apps - The Verge -

More about this...

The Irish Times: Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram messengers to be integrated - Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram messengers to be integrated (via @IrishTimes)

Soon I will have more friends on other chat apps, and won't be that antisocial not to have WhatsApp... ads, merging with messenger, sharing data, full of fake news and shitposting... something else?

Put now the imperial march from Star Wars while you read... is not April's fools yet!

Facebook wants to merge Messenger with WhatsApp and Instagram -

#LineageOS is an alternative form of the Android operating system, which works like a normal Android but has the Google-based apps removed.

It can be installed on Android smartphones to replace the Google version of Android.

It's *very* complicated to install, but if you're a tech expert, or you know an expert who can help you, you can download it from the official website:

The download links include installation instructions.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Android #DeleteGoogle

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